Matt Price.

In 2008 Matt Price went to meet a man who he was told could authorise a gangland execution. That day changed his life for the better. After 15 years of talking to criminals on and off record Matt has a rapport with criminals that no straight-goer (non criminal) can rival. Being a professional comedian means that he has a funny take on many of the very surreal encounters from politely using a home made flamethrower at a criminal’s house, to performing standup comedy in a maximum security prison. He once ran away from the Turkish mafia and got drunk with a former ketamine dealer somewhere in Moscow.
Matt’s partner was attacked and nearly killed by a drug dealer and two of his friends. This was Matt’s “Why.” Unarmed and with just a portable field recorder and no knowledge of organised crime, Matt, a straightforward and down to earth Cornishman asked questions of everyone he met. He has no training as a journalist. He didn’t have a film crew or anyone to protect him and he met them at a place of their choosing. He took risks and got to see a very different side to criminals including one who threatened to kill him! He jokes about this too. Of course he does…
At the heart of this story is the very relatable desire to understand why someone chooses a life of crime and to how deal with being a victim of crime. This is a funny, uplifting and ridiculous journey. If you heard Matt tell it down the pub, you’d probably wonder if he was making it all up. But it ends well. In fact, very well.

 Unsafe Space – BBC Radio 4 – 2023

“Criminally funny.”  ★★★★

The Scotsman

“One of the best storytellers on the circuit” ★★★★ 

Artshub Australia

“Hilarious” ★★★★★

Broadway Baby