Ignacio Lopez.

Ignacio Lopez has been wowing audiences internationally with his individual style and high gag-rate since 2010. A crazy mixture of Welsh & Spanish Ignacio has become one of the most unique voices on the UK circuit. A frequent headliner and MC in top comedy clubs all over the UK, Ignacio also performs regularly at corporate functions, private shows, military gigs, sports dinners, art centres and festivals. Ignacio soon gained TV recognition in 2011 when he appeared on ITV’s ‘Show Me The Funny‘, and since then he has gone on to become a regular face on BBC Wales Sesh, racking up over10 million hits for his sketches.
This has contributed to sell out shows at comedy festivals in Edinburgh, Brighton, Cardiff, Reading & Neath. In 2016 Ignacio produced and hosted a comedy series for Made Television called ‘Comedy Sheep Stand-Up’, which was the first show to be broadcast across the UK network in a primetime weekend slot.
Not only has Ignacio done all that but he has also provided tour support for Tom Stade performed all over the globe including in Spain, Germany, Norway, Greece, Turkey & Malta and has also racked up an impressive six solo hour shows. Oh did I also mention he can perform is Spanish & Welsh?

Show Me The Funny – ITV – 2011
Noches De La Comedia – Montaña – 2012
The Lowdown – Made Television – 2015
Bad Press – Made Television – 2016
Comedy Sheep Live – Made Television – 2016
Wales at The Edinburgh Fringe – BBC Wales – 2018
The Buzz – BOOM TV – 2018
Stand-Up Sesh  – BBC Wales – 2019
Twinned Town ‘Pilot’ – BBC Radio Wales – 2019
Verizon Advert ‘Walk On Role – 2019
The Leak – BBC Radio Wales – 2021
Spain’s Best Export – BBC Radio Wales – 2021
The Now Show – Radio 4 – 2021
Up The Creek One To Watch 2011 Finalist
Last Minute Comedy New Act of The Year 2011 Runner-up
Laughing Horse New Act of The Year 2011 Semi-Finalist

Playing Age Range   25-35

Height                        6ft 1″ (185cm)

Driving Licence         No

Hair Colour                Dark Brown

Eye Colour                 Brown

Build                           Medium

Ignacio Lopez: Spain’s Best Export – 2014
Edinburgh Fringe Festival, Brighton Fringe, Reading Fringe Festival, Leicester Comedy Festival, Neath Comedy Festival
Ignacio Lopez: Greatest Hits – 2015
Brighton Fringe, Reading Fringe Festival, Neath Comedy Festival, Greater Manchester Fringe Festival, Nottingham Comedy Festival
Ignacio Lopez: Ignite – 2016
Brighton Fringe Festival, Reading Fringe Festival, Neath Comedy Festival
Ignacio Lopez: Cascade – 2017
Reading Fringe Festival, Neath Comedy Festival
Ignacio Lopez: Nine Ig Fails – 2018
Edinburgh Fringe Festival, Reading Fringe Festival, Neath Comedy Festival
Ignacio Lopez: EspañYOLO – 2019
Edinburgh Comedy Festival, Neath Comedy Festival, Reading Fringe Festival